The Easter Open Tournaments are beying played in the South-, West- and East of Holland
Easter Open South : North-East Brabant and North Limburg
Easter Open West : Province South-Holland
Easter Open East : Overijssel/Drenthe

Easter Open West

Sportparc Sassenheim
Sportparc Lisse

Easter Open South

Sportparc Beugen
Sportparc Langenboom
Sportparc Oeffelt
Sportparc Odiliapeel
Sportparc Oploo
Sportparc Sint Hubert
Sportparc Stevensbeek
Sportparc Venhorst
Sportparc Volkel
Sportparc Wanroij
Sportparc Wilbertoord
Sportparc Uden
Sportparc Gennep

Easter Open East

Sportparc Gramsbergen
Sportparc Coevorden

The Easter Open Tournaments are hosted in three different areas in Holland. The South (Noord-Brabant), The East (Overijssel/Drenthe) and in the West (Zuid-Holland). These tournaments are for both boys and girls. Check the registration forms to find out were and in which age groups your team can participate. About 20 different venues will have their pitches available for us for two days and all matches are played on (artificial) grass pitches. According to tradition the tournament is hosted during the Easter weekend which will be April 3rd and 4th in 2021.

Group stages matches will be played on the Saturday and all final (group) games on the Sunday. On both days your team will play either in the morning or in the afternoon so you will have half a day to plan activities for yourself. Please note that we cannot grand any desires to play in the afternoon or morning as this depends on pitch availability and group sizes.

An important change for next year is that we will no longer divide groups in to A- and B categories. All teams entered in one age group will be split up in a Gold Bracket for the nr 1 and 2’s in most cases and a Silver Bracket with the nr 3 and 4’s of the Saturday. Both brackets will have a final and thus and official winner. So you will always have a chance to win a trophy. Match lengths are 30 minutes one way for eleven-a-side and 20 minutes one way for small side pitches. The under 7’s will play 10 minute matches.

Another change is that you will no longer receive a tournament book as you did in the past. We will send you the schedules two weeks before the start of the tournament via email. In the same mail you will receive the rules, venue addresses and empty player rosters for you to fill in. Should you have booked an accommodation via TVG Sports that info will also be send. It is therefore extremely important to send us the correct email address for correspondence.

In regards to dispensation please note that you can add a maximum of 3 players being one year older than the age group per team, so this goes for the full squad including substitutes.