The Easter Open Tournaments will be played on three diffent locations in the Netherlands, in the South, the West and the East.
Easter Open South : Province Noth-East Brabant and North Limburg
Easter Open West : Province South-Holland
Easter Open East : Province Overijssel/Drenthe

Easter Open South

Sportparc Beugen
Sportparc Langenboom
Sportparc Mill
Sportparc Oeffelt
Sportparc Odiliapeel
Sportparc Oploo
Sportparc Sint Hubert
Sportparc Stevensbeek
Sportparc Venhorst
Sportparc Volkel
Sportparc Wanroij
Sportparc Wilbertoord
Sportparc Uden
Sportparc Gennep
Sportparc Heijen

Easter Open West

Sportparc Sassenheim
Sportparc Lisse
Sportparc Noordwijkerhout

Easter Open East

Sportparc Gramsbergen
Sportparc Coevorden

The three Easter Open Tournaments will be played in the North-East Brabant (Ester Open South), West of the Netherlands, area Sassenheim, (Easter Open Wesy)  and in the province Overijssel , sportparcs Gramsbergen and Coevorden (Easter Open East). All 20 venues will host this tournament for two days, and all games will be played on either grass- or artificial pitches.

According to tradition the Tournament will be played in the Easter Weekend, which in 2020 is April 11th – April 12th. The group games on the Saturday. On Sunday April 12th all final games will be played. Both Saturday and Sunday teams will play either in the morning or the afternoon, this gives teams the opportunity to organise other activities during the free part of the day.

The Easter Open West and East will have also girls groups. For each team we have a nice attention and the number 1 – 4 in each group will receive a trophy, with the number 1 receiving the “Big Cup”. Which sportparc your team will play at will be announced after the group seeding’s have been made. You can enter in several different age groups pending from U7’s up until U19’s. There are 19 boys groups and 4 girls groups. Some boy groups are split up in two different categories, A-level and B-level. Each team will play at least two days, no matter how the outcome of the results are. Age groups will be divided in to groups of 4, 5 or max 6 teams.

If you have entered the tournament, you become all document by email, as playerslists, scedules, regulations, adresses sportparcs, etc. Two weeks before start tournament. On saterday no tournamentbooks, only live scores.

Teamsizes in 2020, see agegroups, 11-a-side, 8-a-side, 7-a-side, and 4-a-side, playtimes, 1×30, 1×20 and 1×10 minutes pro game.

Linesman and referees only in the groups U19 till U14, rest only referees.

Easter Open East : Boys U17-U16-U15-U14-U13-U12-U11-U10-U9-U8
Easter Open West : Boys U17-U16-U15-U14-U13-U12-U11-U10-U9-U8, and girls U17-U15-U13
Easter Open South : Boys U19-U17-U16-U15-U14-U13-U12-U11-U10-U9-U8-U7, and girls U17-U15-U13

Dispensations pro team : 3 dispensation, 12 moths older in age group. (a team is players and reserves)